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In the area of Warmia and Masuria we contracted grass seed plantations, mainly ryegrass, meadow clover, winter grain. Our farmers are also preparing fields for the cultivation of other grasses as well as lacy phacelia and Japanese radish.


Our business relationships are based on partnership, which is a guarantee of success. This is what we build our strong market position on. We are open to new crops and are constantly expanding our range because we want good yields. All the time.


Many regions in Poland have a specific microclimate, so when establishing plantations we adapt them in terms of the species and varieties grown in a given area. All this is to meet the needs of farmers.



We conduct seed contracting on organic and conventional farms. We also contract feed and consumption material. We are available all year round.

Object of contracting:
Grass seed production
Small-seeded legumes (papilionaceous)
Honey plants
Lime and fertilisers
Check the species for contracting.
Lime and fertilisers



We conduct seed contracting all over Poland. The largest area of seed plantations is in Warmia and Masuria. We discuss the conditions of the contract and the guarantee of purchase of crops individually.


When consulting on the possibility of establishing a seed plantation, we ask:
- which species may be grown by the contracting party,
- what equipment the contracting party has at their disposal,
- which soils the contracting party owns,
- what the contracting party has cultivated so far.

Then, we select and choose the species for contracting and present the yield potential of the selected species or varieties


The terms of the contract concern:
- the area of the plantation being cultivated,
- plot numbers and addresses,
- prices for basic material sold for seeding,
- a minimum purchase price for pure and germinated material which meets the standards for certified material and, in the case of organic farming, for certification,
- cooperation rules in the event that the material cannot be cleaned to the expected state of cleanliness - price discount,
- the means of collection and payment periods for purchased material which the contracting party has produced.



Warmia and Masuria is an area characterised by a large variability of terrain and soil types.

Many regions create specific microclimates, so when setting up plantations, we adapt them in terms of the species and varieties grown in these areas. All this is to meet the needs of farmers.
Natalia Cyraniak
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Andrzej Pluciński
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Economic analysis of cultivation for seeds, based on the example of tetraploid perennial fodder ryegrass

Sowing rate: 15 kg / ha
The cost of seeds per 1 ha:
15 kg x 13 PLN = 195 PLN
Estimated yield: 1300 kg / ha
Seed price: PLN 4 x 1300 kg = PLN 5200
Seed production costs per 1 ha = PLN 2,800

PROFIT: PLN 2205 / ha
Economic analysis of the cultivation of red clover for seeds

Spring sowing: 8 kg / ha
The cost of seeds per 1 ha:
8 kg x 19 PLN = 152 PLN
Estimated yield: 400 kg / ha
Seed price: PLN 8 x 400 kg = PLN 3200
Seed production costs per 1 ha = PLN 1000

PROFIT: PLN 2,048 / ha

About us

We supply farmers with seeds so that they can grow organically. We have regular partners in the purchase and sale of seeds and seeds.


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